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Money ?

smileyWhy this page?smiley

Well it is a good question for those of you struggling to find your ways to make money online and in my experience you will never make a bean without first spending a little but please remember it is not as simple as just spending a little and then sit back and watch your money roll into your hands.

You need to learn:

smiley1 Patience

smiley2 How to learn and follow

smiley3 Do your due dilligence

smiley4 research your target audience

smiley5 Basic e-mailing and follow up

smiley6 Identify and understand resources given to you

smiley7 Find out how and why you get paid

smiley8 How to accept rejection with grace

smiley9 Make sure what you write in E-mail is legal and ethical

smiley10 Always tell the truth and ensure that you follow anti spam laws

Understanding the job you are doing?

Yes this is an important point, no matter if you are doing this one hour or 40 hours per week you must treat it as a job and business and be serious about your commitment to it because if you are trying to recruit others you cannot expect them to be committed if you are not.surprise

Are you getting bored with what you have read on this page so far? if so then working online is not for you and you may as well close this page and forget about marketing for a living because it takes time and patience to become successful.yesbroken heart

Still here?laugh

Ok so those not really committed to working online have now left the building and you are now listening to and reading what an old man has to pass onto you, Yes it is fact that I am fast approaching 70 years of age and have been doing this for a little over 20 years and seen many pit falls in this business and even seen colleagues lose property trying to make money online via so called get rich schemes by buying into mining or gold schemes and other such idea's, And yes one or two turned out to be successful but in general they lost a lot of money and even families in the process so I would never recommend you to any such path.heart

What I do is solid and successful just so long as you follow the simple rules I gave you earlier in this page, they are ten simple guides for you to follow and remember as ten priciples that you stand by at all times and you will never go too far wrong in your work.

Starting a project?enlightened

So now I can tell you that I promote for multiple programs and business icea's and this pays me multiple streams of income but I began with just one after doing weeks of my due dilligence which is one of my ten principle and one which teaches me a lot about the company in which I am looking to invest time and money.enlightenedenlightened

What did I look at?

So doing my due dilligence I looked into viability of the company and the products it would expect me to promote, I also looked into the company longevity and performance, after all I do not want to spend time and money on a business that is likely to disapear in a couple of years, and I also looked into what type and ammounts of commission I could realistacally expect from this company so herein follows and up to date appraisal of that particular company at this moment in time being Monday March 18 2018:yes

The company was originally founded in 1998 and is soley owned by one family and is not registered on the stock market so hence (no share holders bleeding the company dry), it originally sold web hosting and digital products and gradually built a reputation for high end delivery and service and in 2015 it began moving into the health and fitness industry whilst still keeping it's original format and affiliates who helped to grow the business onto the global market place and now boasts a huge range of digital, tangeble products as well as a large range of resources and learning video's to aid it's affiliates to market to a wider audience and paying the largest commissions of any company currently on the Internet.

By the middle of 2018 the company was valued in excess of $300000000 and the fact of no share holders it is easy to see that they are able to pay high commission rates to it's affiliates and this for me give high crdibility and viability as well as longevity, I am loving the journey on this one day after day and to be honest if you want to check it out for yourself you can setup a free account by simply clicking here            yes

You do not have to take my word for it because if you do your due dilligence you will see all the plain facts for yourself and the bottom line if you cannot make a living by promoting for this company then you will never make money online because they make it plain and very simple to do and all you need to do is let other people take a look at the products and services lines and it is pretty certain there is something in the inventory which is now very extensive that they will want or need.enlightened

Taking no action give you no results so I highly reccommend that you take action today and setup a free account because at the end of it all what have you got to lose by looking to the insides of the best income opportunity that you will ever set eyes upon!!.yes

More about promoting

I am now compiling information I use daily whilst promoting  so I will update this section very soon.